Grammar, punctuation, proper spelling – these are all foundations of learning the English language.  We learn the mechanics in grade school and high school.  By the time we enter college, these foundations should be cemented in our brains.

However, getting it right the first time when we write emails, papers, books, etc., is often difficult to do.  That is why editors and proofreaders are so important.

Is it necessary to hire human editors or human proofreaders?  No.  There is another way to edit your work, and that’s with the help of automated proofreader tools, such as Grammarly, PaperRater, After The Deadline, etc.  These devices use artificial intelligence (data created by machines) to edit your work.  The best tools are built by professionals skilled in semantic technology.

What Are The Benefits of Proofreader Tools?

The first and primary reason a proofreading tool is useful is to eliminate syntax, punctuation, and orthography errors.  Even after you’ve read through your work, it’s easy to miss mistakes.  Automated tools can help you catch the errors you missed after one or even more read throughs.

Help to Clarify What You Mean

Often when we write we use a word that is not as clear as it could be, or, we repeat words.  Using a proofreader tool helps us to convey what we mean in a clearer way and helps us to diversify the words that we choose to use.

Become a Better Writer

Writing is something that we will do throughout our lives, but just because we learn the basics in school doesn’t mean we stop learning once we become adults.  Utilizing best proofreading software, we can tone up our writing skills and continue to improve our skill as we age.  Becoming a better writer not only helps us with our emails, letters, and papers, but it also helps up with our communication skills.

Are Automated Proofreader Tools Costly?

Some automated tools charge a fee while others are free.  Those that are free typically provide limited services for checking your work.  Those that charge a fee range in amounts.  Some are affordable.  Others are costly.

How Do You Find Automated Grammar Check Tools?

The best way to find the top automated proofreader is through a Google search.  Go to Google and type “automated proofreader tools” in the search bar.  Then, when the results come up, examine the sales pages for these tools and see what they have to offer.  Determine if a free tool will be enough for you, or if you’ll need to make an investment where you pay a monthly or yearly fee.  Some tools allow you to try them out with a one week to a one-month trial membership.  Take advantage of these offers to get to know the tools and learn what they can do for you.

How Do You Know If The Service is a Good One?

The quality of proofreaders will vary, and it is important that you do your homework when choosing one.  Ask yourself if the tool is catching errors that are difficult for you to find on your own.  Ask yourself if the device is making the right decisions when it suggests a correction.  Ask yourself if the tool offers a wide variety of enhancements to make your work the best it can be.

Can You Use These Tools Anywhere?

The best options allow you to make corrections not just in the actual tool, but also in other areas, such as on social media sites.  Many tools offer a way for you to download an app that can be used in a variety of settings so that you always have a chance to make corrections.

Should You Take Advantage of Human Editors That Are Offered?

Even though these tools are a result of artificial intelligence, some tools also offer human editing services if you would prefer that kind of editing over a machine.  However, in these cases, the cost of hiring a human editor is high, and you will pay a lot for the services.  For those who have the budget and the necessary resources for human editors offered by the service providers who also the provide artificial intelligence, this is another option you can choose. That choice is yours to make.